Ritual Planning and Facilitation

We all have rites of passage to commerate, including handfastings, weddings, and funerals. Together we will plan the ceremony that is the right fit for you.

Spiritual Care

Chaplains are trained to “come alongside” spiritual care receivers to provide a structured space for questions, facilitate spiritual support, and provide resources. Spiritual care is not a substitute for psychological counseling with a trained therapist or psychologist.

Teaching (Currently Virtual)

Ready to deepen your witchcraft practices? I provide training in ritual creation, facilitation, spell work, sigil magic, and creation of ritual tools.


Looking for a little insight into your present situation or a new way to unpack and process a spiritual dilemma? Let’s schedule a Tarot or oracle card reading. I use a variety of decks depending on your interests and existing connection to the divine.

Let’s do something great together.

My law is love unto all beings.

~Doreen Valiente