What is a priestess?

I define a priestess as a person who serves individuals, the community, and the divine.  This role could be equivalent to a nun, a minister, or other types of spiritual leaders, including leadership of the spiritual community, activities that support community members, and communion with the divine.  

“Priestess” does not refer to the gender of the person, rather to the type of service that is being performed.  I use the term priestess as it’s used by the Reclaiming Tradition Collective, as spiritual worker who shares power, co-creates ritual, and supports, in the case of Reclaiming, a non-hierarchically structured community.

However, everyone priestesses in their own way.  One person may be a devotee of a goddess and maintain a temple space online.  Another may work as a pastoral care chaplain in a hospice.

My skills as a priestess were developed through classes and participation with the following organizations:

I am currently attending United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities to receive training as an Interreligious Chaplain.  I am currently in a process of discernment to decide what professional role I will choose and what field I would like to work in.  Examples would be a spiritual care chaplain in a hospital setting, assisted living facility, correctional center, or university campus.  I will use my skills as a priestess, coupled with my skills learned through seminary to support the community.

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