About Me

Welcome! I’m The Root System, a plural person who uses they/them pronouns. Just call me Root. 

I’m located in the Dakota / Anishinaabe territories on the shore of Gichigamiing also known as Duluth, MN.  The settler-colonial project is ongoing and impacts indigenous women and children every day.  To learn more, visit https://mmiwusa.org/.

I picked up my first occult book and a set of runes at a crystal shop when I was 15 and my focus on spiritual work has been ongoing. I attend United Theological Seminary Twin Cities working toward a Master of Divinity in Interreligious Chaplaincy.  I have been a licensed minister in the Universal Life Church since 2008, endorsed by the Atheopagan Society in 2022.

I worked in educational technology for over 20 years, helping businesses and universities set up their learning management systems and integrating with web conferencing and other learning tools.